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3D Thermolam Solid Classic self-adhesive WAVE BLUE

Número de artículo: S40.70.03.0001.000
Anchura (mm): 1400 mm

Width: 1400mm | Thickness: 580µ | Length: 14 lfm

Wave Blue is one of the trend colours of the season, earning it a place in palette from the Colour Road trend service. The intense deep-sea blue can be combined with other on-trend blues and greens from the world of swimming. This strong single colour is ideal as an accent colour in all application areas, and works especially well with light, structured wood reproductions such as White Washed Oak 2 SC.

RENOLIT ALKOREN and RENOLIT COVAREN self-adhesive modernization films have a thickness of 580μ.
This gives you high-quality films for repair and modernization, which correspond to the fundamentally high quality of original equipment.

Emboss: 8 043 00 | Material: PVC | Backside: self-adhesive