Número de artículo: S40.70.34.0004.000
Diseño/Color: 3.0110.003
Anchura (mm): 1400 mm
Width: 1400mm | Thickness: 580µ | Length: 14 lfm

With its end grain elements, Oak Endgrain was inspired by the cross-section of a tree trunk; the circular age rings are clearly visible. With the rustic look of a tree trunk, this oak décor adds an appearance of unrivalled solidarity and strength to furniture fronts. Thanks to the synchronous pores, the embossing and pattern are true to the wood that inspired them. As the characteristic elements are distributed uniformly across the décor, Oak Endgrain can be installed horizontally or vertically. Ideal applications for this material include fronts for bathroom and kitchen units or living room cabinets.

RENOLIT ALKOREN and RENOLIT COVAREN self-adhesive modernization films have a thickness of 580μ. This gives you high-quality films for repair and modernization, which correspond to the fundamentally high quality of original equipment.

Emboss: 1 760 00 | Material: PVC | Backside: self-adhesive