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COVAREN printed self-adhesive KRONBERG BEIGE SC

Référence d'article: S40.70.14.0012.000
: 4.0122.001

Width: 1400mm | Thickness: 580µ | Length: 14 lfm

Planked oak was inspired by old railway sleepers. Years of exposure to sunlight dried out, discoloured and cracked the wood. Kronberg creates rustic accents in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

RENOLIT ALKOREN and RENOLIT COVAREN self-adhesive modernization films have a thickness of 580μ. This gives you high-quality films for repair and modernization, which correspond to the fundamentally high quality of original equipment.

Emboss: 1 019 00 | Material: PVC | Backside: self-adhesive