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Référence d'article: S40.71.63.0003.001
: 1350 mm

Width: 1350mm | Thickness: 2000µ | Length: 3 lfm

RENOLIT WOOD-STOCK Oceandrive is suitable for surface lamination of various wood based materials and the
postforming process. The product is backed with a non-woven fabric which permits the use of various adhesive
systems. For smaller components, PVAc- and EVA-based dispersion adhesives can be used. For larger components
non-aqueous adhesive systems are essential, e.g. hotmelt adhesives. The best results are achieved with the use of
PUR hotmelt adhesive.

As the RENOLIT WOOD-STOCK material can be easily embossed within a material thickness of 2 mm we can achieve
interesting surface structure. The special feature RENOLIT WOOD-STOCK Oceandrive is the unique structure of a
deeply embossed surface with tridimensional character.